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Year 6 visit

Posted: 6th May 2011

Event date: 5th May 2011

"On Thursday 5th May, Year 6 had a fabulous day of football.  We came to school at eight o'clock and got on the coach.  It was a two hour journey but it was worth it. 

When we arrived at the club we went into a room where we had a snack.  A man called Simon told us all about football and how it was a business.  He also told us about the events they hold, for example, concerts.  After that we went outside to the training grounds and watched the professionals practice and we got to talk to the manager and ask questions.  We talked to a man called Sammy and he was in charge of keeping the football players college work and academic work up to date.  We talked to one of the under 18 players and he told us about what life was life as a professional footballer. 

After that we had a delicious lunch of fish and chips and then we all went to the changing rooms and got a football strip.  Mrs Griggs and Mrs A. got ones too!  They all had our last names on the back and the number eleven.  Half of the class were in the away strip (including Mrs A!) and the rest were in the home strip.  We all saw the interview room and control room, and played a game against each other on the real pitch!  We had an amazing day.  Thank you so much."  Tallulah

"On Thursday, Year 6 visited a football club.  We started off by watching the players train.  We were then lucky enough to talk to the manager and one of the U18 players.  Next we had a wonderful lunch of fish and chips.  We were also allowed to visit the media room and the surveillance room.  In the surveillance room we saw where all the camers were filming.  Finally, we played some football in the actual stadium.  We were put into two different teams.  We were all really surprised when we walked into the changing rooms and saw 21 football strips.  There was also one for Mrs Griggs and Mrs A.  Thank you so much for the kit and for taking us."  Yasmine