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Girls from Falkner House
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moving on

There comes a day when we have to say goodbye to girls who have grown up with us. If we have done our job well they are ready and keen to move on to the next stage of their education.

Leaving Falkner House is a significant milestone and parents often wish to discuss the all-important choice of the most appropriate senior school. With the benefit of many years’ experience and a close rapport with the leading schools, staff are always on hand to discuss the best option for your daughter.

We are proud of our girls, not just in terms of their success in senior school entrance and scholarship examinations but more importantly in their poise, self-confidence, drive and enthusiasm.

The years children spend at school are few and precious. The process of teaching and learning is at the heart of a school, the very reason for its existence. The best teaching, the teaching that Falkner House offers, sets girls off on a lifelong path of satisfying, pleasurable and empowering learning.